Water Street Font Free Download

water street font free download

The Water Street Font features a variety of fancy styles and elegant fine textures. Darren Rigby took responsibility for designing and releasing it for the first time during January 2008.

This texture is created in a unique way in which the designer adds a fantastic layout to the entire surface. Standard dimensions include a small height and a regular width. The small height of the letter results in all letters feeling flattened. This creates a unique look to the texture, which gives it a special appearance. A good aspect is the designer provides the design with a rounded face, which adds extra creativity.

The typeface consists of mixed characters in an old serif style. This means that there will be primary characters and also stylish characters. A quality like this makes it an excellent choice for both modern and straightforward designs.

Water Street font is named so because of its strong resemblance to clear water. It is an excellent choice for book printing design. A bold, modern sans serif font with surprising elegance and character, Water Street Font is a subtle and inspirational option for any design that needs a hint of nature to make it stand out.

Water Street is a commercial typeface that’s full of character. – Back in November 2012, I said Water Street was a study in laying out text and getting the best result. – Water Street has been neglected for over a year. I haven’t touched it since because I’ve been busy with other projects.

The Water Street font is a high-quality commercial, modern calligraphy font with unexpected light and shadow details that enhance any design. Water Street font has several OpenType features such as ligatures, old-style figures, alternates, and discretionary ligatures.

Water Street is a typeface based on the architectural lettering and numbering used in Lower Manhattan in the 19th and early 20th centuries. It captures the dusty elegance of this district’s era — lost to time, but preserved in photographs and archives.

There are two font weights in Water Street Font, one regular weight and one detour weight. The average weight has 301 glyphs, and the detour weight has 255 glyphs.

Designers are sure to have impressive results with both weights due to their unique appearances. You will gain from it if you’re a designer, just as we get from the Stayola and Serenity fonts.

Besides book covers and comic book covers, you can also design movie posters, t-shirt printing, game titles, and unique event cards with this font.

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