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Trajan Pro Font Free Download

Trajan Pro Font Free Download

Hello everyone! This time we bring you Trajan Pro Font, another excellent typeface. Adobe Originals designed the first clean version of Trajan Pro Font. Adobe Originals is Adobe’s type foundry dedicated to creating original typefaces. There are two designers in this foundry, Carol Twombly and Robert Slimbach, who have made this elegant family.

Named after the great Roman emperor Trajan, this font has a robust and majestic presence. Inspired by the hand-carved lettering on Trajan’s column, which was built in the early 2nd century AD to commemorate his victory in Dacia, Trajan Pro has long been a favorite of Hollywood for its use in movie posters. Today, the font is the quintessential all-capitals typeface for display settings, such as magazine headlines and movie credits.

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Trajan Pro Font was released in 1989, and it belongs to the Serif font family. Selecting an appropriate type of design for each design work is an essential task for every designer. It will be easier to find it with this modern font family due to its stylish edges, semi-condensed letterforms, and light strokes.

This fine quality font family comes only in traditional style and supports many international languages, including English, French, Spanish, and others. That unique font is suitable for many designing purposes because of its extraordinary appearance.

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The Tarjan Font family is, without a doubt, an excellent invention for the type that supports the industry. Numerous other fonts have taken inspiration from it. These fonts can be used for various purposes, such as logo designing, greeting cards, invitation cards, book covers, banner ads, etc. For handsome titling capitals in paragraphs, this display typeface is ideal.

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