Tengwar Parmaite Font Free Download

Tengwar Parmaite Font

The Tengwar Parmaite Font features a superb texture that depicts fantasy runes. It is a Regular font and free for personal use.

When it comes to script fonts, there are very few that stand up to the originals, and one of them is Parmaite! The vintage flair that you will feel when using Parmaite makes it a very desirable font for designers and produces results that will not only stand out but will help your content be shared on all social media platforms. That’s what we like – if your content looks good and is easily shareable on all media, it is more likely to reach new markets and hence, sales.

A unique way for the designer to create the texture of the game is using any language other than English for making the surface. Alternatively, it may not even be a language since the designer has drawn all the letters anyway.

This aspect makes this font unique because it is excellent for creating secret projects. It can also be used for other printing and display tasks, such as card printing and banner printing.

Moreover, its sharp and decent texture is similar to that of Elder Futhark Font and Moon Runes Font. Therefore, we can also consider it a dingbat font.

There are two weights included in Parmaite Font, regular and alteration. There are 220 characters in the standard weight along with 40 characters in the lightweight. Therefore, both small and large designs can be easily created.

Thick strokes are used to create its texture, making it suitable for larger fonts. Therefore, you can feel free to use it for bolded text without any hesitation. The problem is that it needs to be taken care of when used for small text.

You can create customized product packaging, movie posters, game titles, game development, unique event cards, and more with this fine font help.

Note: These fonts are copyrighted and licensed by their authors. To check for their license agreements , check the download files. Furthermore, to check more details visit their private or public domains.

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