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Stayola Font is a script calligraphy font with an elegant, excellent texture. A font foundry called Zain Studio is responsible for designing and releasing it during 2020.

The original version of the typeface was designed by famous Hungarian type designer János Sebestyén in 1957. It was released in 1981 by the G ‘n b T Letterfoundry, Budapest. An updated version with the help of FontShop International was issued by TypeType in 2005. However, the face was not widely known in western Europe until this later release. As it has been recently officially released for free, which is good news for all designers and typographers who have an interest in using it. Stayola is one of the most rounded and friendly-looking sans serifs on the market today.

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Due to its modern and cool texture, this elegant font gained popularity just one month after being released. Moreover, it has beautiful curves that were added by the designer.

To make it extra creative, Swashes has created a double round. Some of these swashes are found on the downside of some letters and the upside of some notes. The designer just placed it there because he found it perfect, and that’s just what he wanted.

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It is thin on the inside and bold on the outside, giving off a glossy appearance. So, all of these aspects come together and make this font stand out from the rest. That’s why you will observe several features the same as available in Tails Mermaid Font and Flashback Font. Font.

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ezgif.com gif maker 2022 07 29T053035.527 removebg preview

In addition to the regular style, Stayola Font also includes Truetype features. There are 276 glyphs in this single style, and there are 2048 units per em. Because of this aspect, it can easily be adapted to more extensive texts.

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Please be careful when using it in small text. With this elegant font help, you can create stylish cards, memorable quotes, movie posters, game graphics, fashion magazines, shopping bags, brand logos, greetings and invitations, and much more.

Font Name: Stayola Font
Font Designer: Zain Studio
Type:Script, Calligraphy
License:Free for personal use!
Purchase: https://www.creativefabrica.com/product/stayola/ref/237510/

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