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Star Jedi Font

They introduced another beautiful font family that Boba Fonts created in 1998. Based on the American movie series Star Wars, the Star Jedi font family was built. Star Wars movies first appeared in 1977. The Star Wars movie series is familiar to most of us. Many superheroes have been introduced in this series.

The Star Jedi font family recreates the famous Star Wars title logo, used for episode IV-VI. It was created in 1977 by Suzy Rice at the DuArt Film Lab in New York City using phototypesetting technology. In 2015 I finally got to modernize it and release it as an open-source font.

This movie’s title or the poster has been using the font from the film. It has caught the attention of many designers, who are eager to use it for their projects. There are multiple kinds of styles in this logo font family, as well as numerals, linings, and text figures. There must be 172 glyphs and 2048 units per em. You can see in the images how each character features a unique textual arrangement.

There are three different styles of Star Jedi Font Family: regular, hollow, and outline. As a result of this peculiarity, it offers everything that a designer might desire in his campaign. Today, you can use this font family for many types of designs.

Font Name: Star Jedi font
Font Designer: Boba Fonts
License:Free for personal use.
Commercial Use.Purchase and take permit of designer.

The Star Jedi typeface was designed primarily for advertising and display printing. However, we can incorporate those fonts into a great layout, ideal for displaying lengthy textual content. In addition to writing a book, you can design banners, brochures, posters, and title movies.

Note: These fonts are copyrighted and licensed by their authors. To check for their license agreements , check the download files. Furthermore, to check more details visit their private or public domains.

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