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Square Lemon Font Free Download

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Square Lemon Font is something we should discuss. There are scripts in this font. With uppercase serifs, this font can be easily edited to fit your design and will allow you to create an attractive design very quickly. As you can see, the font is designed with two lines of characters, which makes it easy to use in designing. “The font was designed with a sense of neatness and simplicity, which makes it perfect for any display.”

The Square Lemon Font is a fancy cartoon font with a fantastic texture. In 2020, Awansenja Type Foundry has designed and released the typeface for the first time.

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Its designer designed its texture in a fancy way to make it look more elegant and relaxed. As well as adding a cartoon touch to the typeface, he helps it look more playful and appealing.

Slab serif corners appear in some letters, while round corners appear in others. In some notes, he used both kinds of corners, including J, L, and N.

If you observe its letters and try it anywhere, you will find that it has the same features as Crewniverse Font and Dream Daddy Font. Due to its simplicity, it allows you to create professional-looking designs in a matter of minutes.

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Character Set

There is only one type of Square Lemon Font, and it is a TTF format file. There are up to 200 characters in this single style, including uppercase, lowercase, marks, and numbers.

They also have 1000 units per EM and can support several international languages. This aspect increases its global scope. Now it’s your turn to benefit from it.

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ezgif.com gif maker 2022 07 28T043946.023 removebg preview

You can use this super cool font to design product packaging, unique emblems, comic covers, book covers, movie posters, cartoon posters, birthday cards, greeting cards, as well as many other lovely places.

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I hope you get better and more reliable information about this. Still, if you have any questions, please use the comments bar to contact us. This website is also worth saving for future reference.

Font Name: Square Lemon Font
Font Designer: Awansenja Type Foundry
Type:Fancy, Cartoon
License:Free for personal use!
Purchase:Please visit our store for more great fonts :

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