Southern Font Free Download

Southern Font Free Download

Southern font contains a beautiful texture and is written in a script handwriting style. The first time the app will be released on EmbunStudio is due to Aditya Rezki Apriyadi’s design.

The designer painted all letters using a marker to give the texture a handcrafted quality. Because of that, it has an irregular baseline along with the natural flow.

Souther Fonts used to be primarily found in the older world style, and this style of font is still widespread in decorative items. These fonts share some common characteristics: they often comprise thick and thin strokes and usually contain open loops. They can look exquisite on wedding invitations or announcements for new babies or singles ads on matchmaking sites.

So, that’s why you didn’t find any straight lines in the letters since they were all created with curves. The end of the stroke is longer in its small letters. They are using which notes can be connected.

Another aspect you will be able to appreciate is the appropriately sized and spaced uppercase letters. However, lowercase letters have a small height and width. However, the overall texture of the font is bold.

The Southern Font is only available in traditional style with OTF files. A currency sign and European Latin-1 supplements are among the more than 200 glyphs contained in this style.

There will, however, be no access to these glyphs if you purchase the software. If you need this elegant font for personal use only, its demo version is also available, which you can use for small or one-time tasks.

The use of notable quotes, movie posters, movie event cards, unique emblems, and game graphics, for example, can be used on book covers and logos, game graphics, card designs, and t-shirts. Make sure to use it only for personal purposes.

Font Name: Southern Font
Font Designer: Aditya Rezki Apriyadi
Type:Script, Handwritten
License:Free for personal use!
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