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Sofachrome font is an industrial font created by Typodermic Fonts foundry in the year 2001. Japanese designer Ray Larabie is the designer of this versatile font. It is classified as a display font which is a font that is intended for use in large sizes for headlining and large texts, but it can also be used in smaller sizes. Sofachrome is a cursive font which is a type of font that handwriting is based on.

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The glyphs of Sofachrome will look great in many different kinds of graphic design projects including those related to fashion, advertising, logos, poster, greeting cards, and many more. With thick and thin strokes, it catches the reader’s eye instantly. The thick and thin strokes contrast the letterforms to express a powerful message.

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Sofachrome is an extraordinary font with a practical twist. With 5 weights and italics, Sofachrome makes any design stand out. It is a headliner font capable of being distorted to convey technological messages, particularly in product packaging.

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For commercial use visit : https://typodermicfonts.com/sofachrome

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