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Piedra Font

Piedra font has the solid appearance of a comic cartoon. To maintain the regularity of the letters, some parts of each letter are cut from the outside.

The font Piedra is a part of the K-Type Open Font project. It was inspired by the beauty of physical printed text in the real world as by the low-resolution pixel fonts usually used on screen. Piedra aims to achieve a warm, friendly look and perform well at small sizes – not just because screen pixels are hard to read but also because this size is where it can genuinely get an advantage over print and other typefaces.

The market demands unique fonts very often, as we already know. Several designers are trying to create great fonts that display an original appearance.

Piedra font

We also considered it as one of them in this way. First, since 2011, the Sudtipos was in charge of designing and releasing the game.

A second fascinating aspect of this typeface is how all the letters are bold. In terms of display use, those provide the best appearance and clarity.

There is only one standard style available with Piedra Font, and it has OpenType features as well. There are 235 glyphs in that single style, along with 233 characters.

In every design where this majestic font is used, every character is refined and adds a remarkable touch. We can also pair these two fonts with Palanquin Font and Quigley Font.

As they have a SIL license, there’s no need to pay for commercial undertakings. It is installed, and you can create some movie posters or video game titles with it.

Other than those, you can also use this elegant typeface for product designs and product packaging. I hope so, and now you will create the best strategies for sure.

Note: These fonts are copyrighted and licensed by their authors. To check for their license agreements , check the download files. Furthermore, to check more details visit their private or public domains.

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