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Designers looking for a typeface with various styles and intelligent features will appreciate Ozs Wizard Font Family. Families of serif fonts possessing TrueType file formats are available in three weights. Moreover, it has many features and represents an internationalist take on this style.

Oz’s Wizard Font is a type of rigid-wing glider based on the design of the original Eipper “Quicksilver” ultralights dating back to the early 80s. I designed this as a “lowly stick and tissue” model – paper over balsa wood but never built it. From experience in previous models, I knew it would be primarily stable, needing little active controls for even introductory flight. So, I decided to make it fly completely hands-off and added an Autopilot system. I chose this somewhat old-looking design because of its large area wing (250 sq. in.) to add the necessary electronics and LiPo battery on board without too much weight. Power comes from one removable propeller attached directly to a motor shaft which gets its power from a receiver-controlled ESC.

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In 2012, Spanish-type designer Mario Arturo was tasked with designing it for the first time for The Designers Foundry. Despite some similarities, it is inspired by the American musical fantasy film The Wizard of Oz.

Oz’s Wizard Font Family is solid, weighty, and reliable. For a designer, it is the most crucial factor in selecting a suitable font pairing. Look at the images we’ve attached here to get a better idea of how your design will look.

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Font Name: Ozs Wizard
Font Designer: Mario Arturo
Type:Fancy, Retro
License:Free for personal use.
Commercial use:Actual rightful credits go to W. W. Denslow.

If you want to experiment with the free fonts, Oz’s Wizard is the font for you. It can also be used as a titling font for movies and books, designing elegant emblems or headlines for website templates and games.

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