Oranienbaum Font Free Download

Oranienbaum Font Free Download

Oranienbaum Font is a sans serif font family designed by Klim Type Foundry. This font is available in 20 different weights starting from Thin to Black. With extended language coverage and excellent legibility, this font has been used worldwide for designing branding projects, signage, and logotypes in the woodcut style. Download Oranienbaum font free today!

The Oranienbaum font is a geometric sans-serif typeface that comes with 20 weights.

Oranienbaum Font Free Download
Oranienbaum Font Free Download
  • Number of fonts available: This font comes with 18 front weights and a set of web fonts, which you can use to customize your designs.
  • Fonts available in various weights: You can choose from 20 different Oranienbaum fonts, each one offering a unique feel and design. The font also comes in a few different styles, such as Regular, Bold and Italic.
  • Fonts available in various styles: There are no extra fancy characters here but there are upper-case letters for the lowercase ones that give this typeface a more elegant look when it’s printed on paper or used as an online wordmark or logo. The Oranienbaum font includes both serif and sans-serif variants so you can pick whichever one works best with your design style!
  • Fonts available in various languages: You won’t need any translation tool because this typeface offers Cyrillic support as well! (Note: not all characters will be displayed correctly if they’re not supported by your operating system.) Also note that some languages may be missing depending on what kind of computer/OS combination you’re using (e.g., Windows vs macOS) so check out these steps before proceeding with installation if necessary.”
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Designed by Klim Type Foundry, the Oranienbaum font is available in Roman and Italic styles with extended ligature set coverage.

The Oranienbaum font by Klim Type Foundry is a beautiful serif typeface that can be used for many different purposes. It has been designed in two styles, Roman and Italic, which come with 20 weights.

The word “oranienbaum” means “pine tree” in Russian. The font is based on traditional letterforms that were created by mixing together several individual letters from other fonts, but it also features some unique features like extended ligature set coverage and small caps with stylistic alternates.

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Oranienbaum font features strong lines and ascenders that are ideal for display use.

[Oranienbaum font features strong lines and ascenders that are ideal for display use.]

The Oranienbaum font is a geometric sans-serif typeface that comes with 20 weights. It was designed by Maria Kalashnikova in 2019 and released through [Fontfabric](https://www.fontfabric.com/oranimenbaum) — a Russian foundry established in 2013 by Anton Koovit, who also co-founded Typotheque in 1999 together with Erik Spiekermann.

In addition to its unique style, the letterforms of Oranienbaum feature strong lines and ascenders which make them ideal for display use — especially due to their stark contrast against the thin-thin strokes (also known as hairline).

It also has excellent legibility and comes in variable weights from thin to black.

With a large x-height and short ascenders and descenders, this font is easy to read. It has been designed to be legible at small sizes so you can use it in a logo or as an illustration.

This multi-purpose sans serif font also supports Latin languages and some other languages too.

The font supports Latin, Cyrillic and Greek languages. It also supports Hebrew, Thai, Arabic and Vietnamese characters. Oranienbaum font is a multi-purpose sans serif font that is suitable for many purposes such as logos, headings and body text.

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The Oranienbaum family consists of seven weights with italics: Light (300), Light Italic (301), Book (302), Book Italic (303), Regular (304), Regular Italic (305) & Bold (306). This font pack contains all the fonts in OTF format including web versions with @font-face rule.


Oranienbaum font is a modern Sans-serif with 20 weights from Thin to Black. It has slightly condensed letterforms, so it’s more space-saving than many other sans-serifs. It’s legible at small sizes and works well in longer passages of text. Oranienbaum typeface is an excellent choice for logos, branding projects, signage projects, etc. The designer says that this font is inspired by a poster for the movie Casablanca made by Gert Dumbar in 1982.

Download the Oranienbaum font right now using the download button. Also, check out our recent post on Batman font.

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