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NOIR Typeface Font Free Download

NOIR Typeface Font Free Download transformed

The NOIR typeface font is a modern take on the traditional Gothic style. It was designed as a display font, so it’s perfect for headlines and large text. Its heavy weight makes it quite striking, but you can also use it in smaller sizes for body text that still makes an impact. 

Since this typeface is new, you may have some trouble finding a place to purchase it—but we’ll show you how!

  • Check the license agreement. Fonts come with or without a license, and these can limit how you can use them in your work. Some fonts allow you to share them, while others don’t.
  • Check if there’s any information on how to install the font on your computer or mobile device. It’s important that you install it correctly so it will display properly in all formats of your documents and projects!
  • Make sure you know how to use the specific typeface when using NOIR Typeface Fonts, as well as other designs with different fonts that may be included in one package (like italicized versions).
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Install new fonts by copying them to your system’s Fonts folder. For the most part, the Fonts folder is located in your home folder (the directory that contains all of your files and folders). You can find it by going to Finder > Go > Home, or by pressing Command + Shift + H on a Mac keyboard.

NOIR Typeface Font Family Free Download

NOIR Typeface Font Free Download.
NOIR Typeface Font Free Download.

There are two ways to copy fonts into this folder:

  • Drag the font file onto the Fonts icon in Finder (the magnifying glass at top left) when you’re opening up its window. This will also work if you’re browsing through applications’ folders too—just drag it from there into one of these locations and you’ll be good to go!
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If you’re using a browser that supports automatic font refreshing, like Firefox or Chrome, then you can use it to your advantage. You can use it to see if your new font is working and installed correctly. When you install a new font with one of these browsers:

  • It will automatically update the web page with the new font when it loads them on the website. This can be helpful in figuring out whether or not the font is compatible with your system.
  • If there are any errors while installing the fonts, they’ll show up right away so that you don’t have to wait until the site loads again before seeing them.
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After you’ve installed your new font, your browser will automatically refresh the page and replace all instances of _ with the new font. This is a great way to test out how it looks in a variety of different formats, such as headings and titles or paragraphs.

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 If you don’t like how something looks, simply go back into your Fonts folder and change it! Namely because these are all free fonts (and thus do not come with any kind of license agreement), there’s no harm done if you decide that another font would be better suited for a particular project

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