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Monotype Corsiva Font Free Download

Monotype Corsiva Font Free Download

The Monotype Corsiva Font is among the most popular script typefaces today. Patricia Saunders is credited with designing it, and it was released via Monotype Font foundry for the first time in 1995. Patricia Saunders is an accomplished female designer. In addition to Arial, Columbus, Dokchampa, and many others, she is well-known for designing fonts.

The Monotype Corsiva font has a dynamic look and is fun to use. It was initially designed in 1937 by an English artist/craftsman named Stanley Morison. Three years later, it was redrawn by William Warder Blake, who modified it with a more playful feel. Today this font has been converted into an OpenType font and is sold under the Monotype Corsiva family.

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Monotype’s Corsiva Font has been part of their library of typefaces since 1892. The typeface has the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet, numbers, and a few special characters available to use in your documents. It is a nice font to use for titles or other areas of your documents where an individual character can be easily seen. Corsiva Font is installed on our computers, but if it is not there, you can find it by installing any Open Type fonts you have on your computer program.

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Monotype Corsiva font was used primarily in italic typefaces in the early days. An increase has been seen in this delicate quality font and searches for this font. So that’s why monotype font foundry also made non-italic typefaces, such as Arabic, Greek, Urdu, for this single font.

Please take a look at the images we have posted here for you to get an idea about its texture. It is best suited for adding uniqueness to invitations. Furthermore, you can easily use it in certificates, awards, wedding cards, business cards, logo design, and printing applications. The advertising industry uses this font for short text quotes and passages.

The elegant font has a lot of characteristics that make it ideal for use as initial letters. Get this display typeface now and add it to your collections.

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