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The Maratre font is an excellent choice for anyone looking for the perfect handwritten texture font—a script calligraphy typeface with an elegant appearance. For the mature font, Claude Pelletier is the primary designer.

There’s a single regular style and upper- and lower-case scheme, punctuation marks, numerals, and some special marks to make your design look great.

The Sanserif font Maratre is a connection between an old alphabet and a modern one. Square letterforms pointed stems, and abrupt endings gave this type to the humanism of the Renaissance, which valued examples from classical antiquity. But typographic fashion changed, Roman letters predominated, and the calligraphic script was used to fill out printed texts. In the 16th century, the Roman fonts became more aggressive, and they started to look more modern because of their sharp ends.

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There are 89 glyphs in the whole weight / 140 characters in total. Characters, including Mathare, possess a wide range of versatility. Please take a look at our font lettering images featuring its excellent text styling.

Many designers of modern eras appreciate its wonderfully curly edges, connected lettering, and interesting textual arrangements encoded in Unicode BMP, for instance, Akmal Van Roem’s Salina font.

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Aside from having such an elegant texture, it is highly legible, thanks to the adequately kerned letters. Aside from having awesome features and excellent visibility, it also supports various languages, from basic Latin to extended.

Font Name: Maratre font
Font Designer: Claude Pelletier
License:Free for personal use!
Type:Script, Calligraphy, Handwritten Font

The uniform baseline of its penmanship design attracts several designers to practice this art form. Practicing it now will help you create awesome legible textual designs for your clients and audiences.

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Whether you want to make an impressive wedding invitation, a business card design, a poster, a movie title, a banner, hoardings, or print it onto fabric, this font will meet your needs.

For your fashion blog website or styling apps, this cursive font family will also be an excellent pick. Combining it with beautiful typefaces will make a charming compound.

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