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Macondo Font Free Download

Macondo Font Free Download

Macondo is a contemporary calligraphic font that has been created using a brush. The illustration was created after being inspired by paintings created for a tarot card game.

Macondo has become a true classic of the font world, with its art deco-inspired design providing that type of warm elegance that you notice and appreciate before even reading any of the text. The uninitiated might mistake this font for a slab serif. Still, Macondo’s triangular “serifs” are the horizontal strokes within each letter form — which look great in any point size, by the way. With more than 60 characters per inch, Macondo is designed for modern print technology and is ready for use in books, magazines, packaging, film and television graphics, signage, etc. Each character is an almost perfect square whose height reaches nearly the top or bottom edge of the contoured line (X-height).

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Mr. John Vargas Beltrán was tasked with designing and releasing it for the first time since 1997. A year later, it was improved to be more relevant to modern times.

As a result, this awesome font now includes several cap swashes and other stylish alternates. That certainly contributes to creating a delicate quality design that has never been done before.

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This awesome font is easily customizable with Julee Font and La Belle Aurore Font. Therefore, this magnificent font is in high demand in the market.

There are two weights of Macondo Font, Regular and Swash Caps. The fonts contain Truetype features along with 309 characters in each weight.

There are 312 glyphs in the Regular weight, while 248 glyphs in the Swash caps weight. It will be suitable for both small and large tasks. Additionally, it can be used in conjunction with Pirata One Font.

It is licensed under the SIL to use it for commercial tasks without concern. Fashion magazines, product designs, unique emblems can all be openly used.

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Stylish card printing, game graphics, movie posters, kids’ bags, cosmetic printing, and brand logos, among others. The machine is also suited for intelligent event cards.

Now we have firmly believed that you will definitely use it in different tasks. But if you need some more fonts besides that, they can also be used.

Note: These fonts are copyrighted and licensed by their authors. To check for their license agreements , check the download files. Furthermore, to check more details visit their private or public domains.

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