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Longhaul Font Free Download

longhaul font free download

A unique family of sans serif fonts, The Longhaul Font was designed by Sam Webster. James Barnardo, a very keen designer from the UK, took charge of the design and released it on 28 July 2016.

Recently Adobe Systems released a new typeface called Longhaul. The font is designed specifically for reading on 60-pixel wide displays. This means there are no extra characters (i.e., fake italics and old-style figures) commonly used in traditional typefaces like Helvetica, Futura, or Times New Roman. Longhaul is one of the first fonts to be designed with this screen width in mind. The font was designed by Nate Wetmore, a graphic designer specializing in motion graphics & design.

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Having a wide range of languages, a bold format, and exceedingly clear letterforms, this is one of the greatest typefaces ever made. Therefore, it stands out among the best Basic typefaces in the type design industry.

The most awesome font supports many international languages and is only available in the regular version. However, there is enough information to make headlines. This will ensure that it works properly.

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They were featuring 74 characters along with Truetype format; Longhaul Font sports an impressive set of features. Each character in this font family was carefully crafted and designed with passion.

Thus, the tradition of this elegant font is spreading, not only in the displaying industry but also in the development industry, because it is an excellent high-resolution letterpress family with remarkable authenticity and vintage engagement.

However, if you want to order it for your business, then contact James Barnardo. A neat logo, a brochure layout, wedding cards, invitations, and so much more can be made using this font.

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Additionally, utilizing the same mind-blowing font when creating or titling a game would be a good idea. We believe that this uncommon typeface will assist you in providing great products to your customers and keeping them satisfied.

Font Name: Longhaul Font
Font Designer: James Barnardo
Type:Sans Serif
License:Free for personal use!
Purchase:Donate Author: [email protected]

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