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Linux Biolinum Font Free Download

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Linux Biolinum Font is an elegant font with extraordinary features based on a sans serif. Philipp H. Poll was responsible for designing and releasing it for the first time.

The Linux Biolinum font is a sans-serif typeface family originating from the Linux Biolinum, inspired by handwritten Latin letters. The Linux Biolinum type family has two primary characters, regular and heavy. Moreover, the Linux Biolinum font is designed to render well at small font sizes, even as small as 80% or less of the usual size. The Linux Biolinum font family could help generate technical documents and make numbers, tables, charts, and so on.      

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Libertine Open Fonts Project is the foundry that released it on 23rd September 2003. The designer took inspiration from the 19th-century book type when creating it. You can easily use it as a replacement for Times New Roman.

There are some sharp corners, which you will notice when using it on a larger text, along with a decent and delicate texture. It also allows automatic positioning and substitution.

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Because of this, it includes kerning, ligatures, and proper fractions. It has all the standard features you will observe in other fonts, such as Nunito Sans Font and Etna Font.

Linux Biolinum Font is available in 15 styles, along with Truetype features. Two thousand four hundred glyphs and 2520 characters are contained within each kind.

Font Name: Linux Biolinum Font
Font Designer: Philipp H. Poll
Type:Sans Serif
License:Free for personal use.
Commercia Use:Check license details before using it for commercial purpose.

This includes the Greek alphabet, Cyrillic script, and Hebrew alphabet, along with several ligatures like ff, fi, and ct, as well as the capital ß. These characters make it a professional font that can be used for professional designs.

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By using this elegant typeface, you can easily create book covers, movie posters, newspapers, printing on cards, product packaging, game graphics, fabric printing, and many other things.

Note: These fonts are copyrighted and licensed by their authors. To check for their license agreements , check the download files. Furthermore, to check more details visit their private or public domains.

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