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Lemondrop Font

The Lemondrop Font family is a fancy sans serif font family that is very popular for its thick and bold letters. Lauren Thompson was responsible for designing it.

Lemondrop font is a condensed sans-serif, created by London-based designer Steve Matteson in 1988 for Apple. It has a refined and mechanical look. The font family includes eight fonts that share the same design but vary slightly in width and weight. The family was completed in 1991 with Lemondrop Extra Condensed, an intended companion to the original Lemondrop but never included in the Apple system fonts.

Character Set

In addition to the glyphs, alphabets, numbers, and currency symbols, she has put in remarkable designs. It is a complete package for any scenario. This retro typeface also features excellent visibility even on wide displays without any additional styling or coloring. Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic are available styles with this awesome font. For each technique, there are 301 glyphs per em and 1000 glyphs per em.

You can see in the images we included that it has bold letterforms and exceedingly impressive arrangements. This will enable you to put this typeface on a list of popular fonts.

Since you’ve seen it before somewhere else, you’re here to download this most awesome font. Would you please welcome Fonts Magazine to your inbox? The services are provided here for free, so you do not have to pay Lauren Thompson, a business license holder, who can provide the business license for commercial purposes.

Note of the authorFree for personal use. Commercial use reqiures a
donation. for more info e-mail nymphont@yahoo.com

Lauren Thompson, is a business license holder, can provide the business license for commercial purposes. After that, you will be able to use the typeface anywhere you want.

Printing industries, displaying industries, as well as developing initiatives, for example. You will indeed create unique and new designs for sure if you follow this path.

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