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Lavanderia is a new free font from Yellow Design Studio. It’s a casual handwritten font inspired by the charming hand-lettered signage in traditional Italian markets. It includes an extended Latin alphabet with accents, alternates and ligatures, plus European language support.

 It also has some fantastic OpenType features including contextual alternates and swashes that turn on automatically when you type letters or words. You can even use these to capitalize your word or phrase! The OpenType features include:

It’s a great font for logos, presentations, and social media posts. It can also be used for headlines or body text.

The story of Lavanderia Font is a tale about how Pablo Impallari, a graphic designer and artist from Argentina, came to create it. The font was originally created for a project submitted to the Type Directors Club in 2012 by Pablo Impallari. It was inspired by the signage and lettering found on Buenos Aires’ local laundromats and dry cleaners.

Pablo Impallari has since expanded his work with Lavanderia Font into other areas besides signage; he also uses it on many of his own works of art (such as album covers).

Lavanderia Font Family Free Download

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Lavanderia Font Free Download 2

Since then, he has made both versions available as freeware through his website.

Lavanderia is a hand-drawn font that looks like handwriting. It was designed by hand and is the perfect option for your next project or design. You can download this handwritten font for free and use it in any way you see fit, from personal to commercial projects!

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There are plenty of different ways to use Lavanderia Font, but some of them include:

  • Stationery designs
  • Invitation cards for weddings, birthdays etc.

The first is that it’s free! That’s always a plus. It also has some great features that make it unique, such as being a handwritten font and a decorative one. 

This makes it perfect for those who want something different or who want their text to stand out on the page and not blend in with everything else around them.

If you’re not sure if this font will work for what you’re trying to accomplish, don’t worry: there are many other versions available as well! You can get adult versions with added lines or color changes if you need something more specific than just plain black ink on paper (which would look really good too). 

There’s even an option for children who might be interested in handwriting practice but don’t yet have all their letters down pat yet – no worries! These options allow everyone from children through adults

As a gift to you, I’ve included the following files with your download:

  • The font files are in different formats. They are .ttf and .otf, which is the format used by most modern operating systems. If you want to use Lavanderia on an older machine that doesn’t have this capability, don’t worry! All you need to do is save them as .woff2 or .woff. You can find more information about this here.
  • The font files are in different sizes. If you’re printing something big—like an entire logo for a website or app—and want every letter looking crisp from across the room (or just far enough away from your computer screen), go ahead and download one of these larger versions: 48px tall (for those of us who like things nice and big) or 96px tall (for those who like things really really big). And if neither of those is doing it for ya… Well then there’s always 127px tall! That should be enough space even for your most ambitious projects 🙂
  • The font files are also available in all sorts of colors. Don’t know where this fits into your workflow? Let me explain: white text on black background? Black text on white background? I’m sure there’s some other combination out there too… Whatever color scheme makes sense for what project we’re talking about will do just fine!
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Fonts are the physical representations of typefaces. They’re made up of letters, numbers and other characters that can be printed on paper pages to create words and sentences.

 Fonts come in many different sizes, but usually have a name that indicates their size (such as 12pt or 16pt). A font may also be referred to by its typeface family name (like Helvetica) or by its designer’s name (like Caslon).

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What is a font license?

A license is permission granted by the rights holder of an intellectual property such as a font so that you can use it in your work — like using Lavenderia in your designs. 

The most common licenses include commercial use and personal use licenses — you will need one for each time you want to download and install Lavenderia on your computer(s).

We are available to help with any questions you might have. You can contact us at [email protected] and we will respond within 24 hours.

If you’re looking for a new font, I would definitely recommend Lavanderia. It’s free, easy to install, and easy to use. Plus, it looks great in any project!

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Yet it’s also really important to make sure that your font isn’t too wacky. That can make it hard to read and be distracting for the people who are reading your website or other materials. That’s why I think Lavenderia Font is a great choice. It has many fun features but also doesn’t have too much going on at once, which makes for a beautiful combination that looks great in any context.

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