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Komika Axis Font Free Download

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Greetings, designers! Our great pleasure is to present you today with another exceptional family of fonts, the Komika Axis Font. The first version of this font was designed by Vigilante Typeface Corporation, an astounding font design corporation. With its stylish Glyphs and elegant texture, this cartoon font family is prevalent. The reason is that it has everything that designers are looking for in type design.

The Komika Axis fonts have been around for a while. The two original versions, Komika Axis Regular and Komika Axis Bold, were created by Steve Matteson in the mid-90s for use in his comic book AMAZING FOREST (published by Ape Entertainment and Image Comics). The family has evolved with many different variants existing today. This post will take a look at the various forms of the font!

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From 1999 to 2001, this font family was initially released as a TrueType family. The design is by Larry Yerkes. Many designers use this unique font for their different projects. Then we suggest that you keep your laptop or computer with those fonts if you understand that it may benefit you.

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ezgif.com gif maker 32 removebg preview
ezgif.com gif maker 32 removebg preview

Komika Axis Font Family has 229 glyphs and is only available in traditional style. There are nothing more clean, attractive, and modern design styles to this long tradition than this comic font. It is this character that sets That typeface apart from any other typeface currently available.

In addition to its elegant design, this font family is entirely free. 

This family of free fonts can be used for many different design purposes. The creation of a clean logo, brochure design, wedding invitation or business card design, stationery, fabric printing, and many other relating approaches. Text thesis using this typeface will also be a rational idea.

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I hope that this free font, along with its glamorous appearance, will assist you everywhere.

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