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Julius Sans One Font Free Download

Julius Sans One Font Free Download

The Julius Sans One Font is a sans serif font with an elegant fine texture. In 2012, Luciano Vergara was assigned the responsibility for designing and releasing it.

Julius Sans One is a cool-looking sans-serif font in the style of Eurostile. It is a modern font based on the geometric type of the 1920s that takes inspiration from the Bauhaus design style of the period. The font is perfect for display and small text use. Use it to create posters and other advertising material or incorporate it into product packaging.

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LatinoType, a Chilean Foundry, holds all rights to this font family. For all textures, the designer used light strokes for its fine texture, in which he increased its height and width.

The thin texture of the paper makes it feel like the space between letters is a little bit high, but in fact, it’s the same size as the standard size. There is no difference in size between uppercase letters and lowercase letters.

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These aspects make it both elegant and unique and certainly contribute to creating unique designs. Therefore, if you too want a similar design, you can surely benefit from it.

The Julius Sans One font comes in a single regular style and a TTF file format. There are 229 glyphs in this style, as well as other language support than English.

Therefore, this font provides you with a great way to create delicate designs unlike any other. As well as being compatible with different fonts like Big John Font and Traffolight Font.

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Its elegant texture can design book covers, movie posters, game graphics, cards, memorable quotes, unique emblems, mockups, CV templates, etc.

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