ITC Souvenir Font Family Free Download

ITC Souvenir Font Family Free Download

The ITC Souvenir font is a Sans Serif typeface. This is one of the most popular fonts in the world. It is available for all kinds of devices and operating systems. It takes up less space on your computer or other device and makes your work look cleaner and more professional. In this article, we will talk about what this font is, how to download it, and how to use it in Photoshop.

ITC Souvenir Font Family Introduction

If you are a designer or just interested in graphic design and typography, this article is a must-read for you. We will cover some of the best fonts – including ITC Souvenir Font Family.

ITC Souvenir was designed by Adrian Frutiger, an eminent Swiss typeface designer who also designed Frutiger and Avenir. The font has very wide spacing between letters which makes it ideal for body text on posters or magazine layouts.

ITC Souvenir Font Family Free Download

There are several ways to download ITC Souvenir Font Family. You can go to the official website and download the font. Or you can search for it on FontSquirrel, DaFont, MyFonts or any other website that offers free fonts.

What Are The Features of ITC Souvenir Design?

ITC Souvenir Design is a serif font family that was designed by Carol Twombly in 1990. It has a unique design, one of its kind. The letterforms have an ornamental appearance and lean towards the calligraphic style. It’s a font family with many different styles such as text, display, headline and so on.

The features of ITC Souvenir Design are:

  • It provides more than 400 characters in each weight (light/regular/medium). It also includes oldstyle figures and small caps as well as ligatures for every weight that make it easier to use this typeface in both print and online applications;
  • You can use it for branding projects, logos or headlines;
  • It is an outstanding choice if you want something elegant but yet simple enough to be used on the web;
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Introduction to Alternate Characters

ITC Souvenir Font Family is a very popular font. Due to its popularity, there are many users who would like to use alternate characters in their projects.

Alternate characters are letters that are not found on the keyboard and can only be accessed via special software. They usually appear in the glyphs tab of your font menu (or sometimes on a different tab altogether). These types of characters aren’t always available, though—and even when they do appear, it may not necessarily be easy to tell what’s been included in your particular font family! That’s why I created this guide: so you can find out how to use alternate characters with ease!

Case-Sensitive Forms

Case-sensitivity is a feature that allows you to use the same character, but in different cases. You might have noticed when typing something into your computer and then hitting the space bar afterwards, it changes the case of some words and not others. This is called case-sensitivity.

Case-sensitive forms are actually identical to their normal versions except that they’re in a different case than their original appearance. They can be used for added emphasis or just to add some flair to your design!

Small Caps Variants And Alternative Ligatures.

The ITC Souvenir font family features a number of alternative characters that can be accessed with the OpenType feature, Small Caps Variants. These include ligatures for F, S and C.

In addition to the standard character set, you can use several swashes (or alternate forms) to add some extra flair to your designs. These swashes are available through an OpenType feature called Alternates, which is activated by typing Option+Shift+5 on your keyboard or through Adobe Illustrator CC menu bar Tools – Type – Swash (Alt/Opt + Shift + 5). The ITC Souvenir also includes a set of 21 discretionary ligatures that will add more personality to your typography.

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What is the best use of the ITC Souvenir Font Family?

  • ITC Souvenir is a classic serif font that was designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1927. The original intent of the font was to be used for display, but it has been used in many other ways since then.
  • Because of its unique design, ITC Souvenir has a very vintage feel, making it perfect for logos and branding.
  • It is also great for magazines and books because of how versatile it is: you can use this font for text or headlines!

How To Use OpenType Feature In Photoshop?

Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator are able to use OpenType fonts because they support the advanced typographic features in these fonts. The following is an example of how to access the OpenType feature in Photoshop:

  • Click on Edit tab and choose Preferences.
  • Click on Type category, check Use Subset and click OK button if you have any question about it, it will ask that whether you want to activate this feature? Then just click Yes button for activating this feature or No button if you do not want to activate it now.
  • Now go back on your artboard where we have our design layout made up with ITC Souvenir font family installed already then choose File > Place… (Command + D) from your keyboard which will open file dialog box where all our documents are stored internally by default by Photoshop then select one document whose font family name begins with ‘Souvenir’ suffix from its list until finding one document called ‘ITC Souvenir Font Family’. It might take some time depending upon size of selected file so please be patient while searching through all files stored internally by default by Photoshop program itself without opening any new window related with above mentioned process until finding one file called ‘ITC Souvenir Font Family’.
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This post is all about the ITC souvenir font, how to download and how to use it.

The ITC Souvenir font family was designed by Dominique Faller in the year 1996. The design is a sans serif typeface and has been used as a display face in magazines, newspapers and on signage. Here are some of its features:

  • It is a slab serif typeface.
  • It comes with five weights; normal, medium, bold and heavy which are all roman while there is also an italic version of each weight.
  • The design comes with 394 characters that include small capitals, case-sensitive forms for lowercase letters as well as alternative ligatures for certain letter combinations like “fi” and “fl” along with small caps versions for all uppercase letters.


There is no doubt that ITC Souvenir Font Family is a very attractive typeface that can be used in various projects. But keep in mind one thing, always try to use the ITC Souvenir font family with other unique fonts that are very similar in shape, size and weight to get the best results. If you want more information on this topic, then feel free to check out the links given below.

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