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Indie Flower Font Free Download

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Indie Flower Font is a handwritten script font with a magnificent texture. Kimberly Geswein is known as the primary designer of this product because she released it for the first time in November 2010.

Our most versatile Indie Flower Font – now updated with professional alternates, new keystrokes, and up to 3 weights. You probably think this font is all about flowers. It’s not. This is a funky modern font that lets you set text with really unique characters, but you decide how it looks. With more intuitive features like Stylistic Alternates, Swashes, Ligatures, old-style Figures, and Alternate Letterforms, you can create some beautiful flourishes of your own.

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Font Name: Indie Flower Font
Font Designer: Kimberly Geswein
Type:Script, Handwritten
License:Free for personal use only!
Purchase: http://kimberlygeswein.com

All textures are handmade by the designer, in which the designer used incorrect baselines to add uniqueness to the design. Compared to standard sizes, it is minimal in both height and width. The gaps between the letters are even small.

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As a result, this aspect helps the design cover up a small area where it is needed. As such, small text can be integrated as well. What’s best is that the fonts can be combined with display fonts as well.

For instance, IBM Plex Sans Font and Thasadith Font. Handwritten fonts can add a cool touch to several designs by mixing them with basic fonts.

There is only one traditional style of Indie Flower font with 358 different glyphs. Each glyph is rounded and has bubbly edges, making reading more accessible and a slightly bolder look.

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As a result, this font offers a unique texture that contributes to the creation of unique designs. One hundred twenty-two languages are also supported, among them Norwegian, Occitan, and Veps.

This elegant font can be used to create printing on cards, unique emblems, product designs, product packaging, game graphics, memorable quotes, taglines, shopping bags, fabric printing, comics, cartoon posters, and so on.

Note: These fonts are copyrighted and licensed by their authors. To check for their license agreements , check the download files. Furthermore, to check more details visit their private or public domains.

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