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IBM Plex Sans Font is a new family of typefaces designed by Bold Monday, in close collaboration with Mike Abbink and IBM’s senior management. The design embodies the core values of corporate identity in the digital age. It is a text face based on proportional figures. Moreover, the font has designed in OpenType format. And the family contains five weights — Light, Thin, Regular, Medium, and Bold — in four widths each.

Further more, IBM Plex Sans is a Grotesque style typeface with a tall x-height that can be used for interfaces, web, and mobile. Also, Plex is a typeface that can be used for casual, business and technical purposes. It includes three different styles: Sans, Sans Condensed and Mono. The Sans is good for casual writing, and the Mono is used when showing computer code. To contribute to the project, visit

IBM Plex Sans Font

Available Font Family

IBMPlexSans-BoldOpen Type
IBMPlexSans-BoldItalic Open Type
IBMPlexSans-ExtraLightItalic Open Type
IBMPlexSans-Italic Open Type
IBMPlexSans-Light Open Type
IBMPlexSans-LightItalic Open Type
IBMPlexSans-Medium Open Type
IBMPlexSans-MediumItalic Open Type
IBMPlexSans-Regular Open Type
IBMPlexSans-SemiBold Open Type
IBMPlexSans-SemiBoldItalic Open Type
IBMPlexSans-Text Open Type
IBMPlexSans-TextItalic Open Type
IBMPlexSans-Thin Open Type
IBMPlexSans-ThinItalic Open Type
IBMPlexSerif-ExtraLight Open Type
IBMPlexSerif-Thin Open Type
IBMPlexSerif-ThinItalic Open Type

Note: These fonts are copyrighted and licensed by their authors. To check for their license agreements , check the download files. Furthermore, to check more details visit their private or public domains.

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