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Half Faded Font Free Download

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Faded font with eroded edges contains unique text in Half Faded Font. Half faded as its name indicates, this texture has quite a bit of light texture in which there are faded shades.

I am torn between loving and hating Helvetica, a typeface that can be found on most of my favorite album covers and magazine print issues. I love its simplicity, but at the same time, I hate that it’s so simple. But enough about my feelings towards Helvetica, most of you read this post for the video, so let’s dig in! Half Faded Font is a project started by Matt Ellerbeck with one goal: to degrade each letter from 100% off to 75% off with only black and white gradients.

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The design and release of the Xero Grapher Fonts were handled by an American designer Mr. Max Infeld in January 2013. It gained popularity just because of its unique letters after it was released.

ezgif.com gif maker 22 removebg preview
ezgif.com gif maker 22 removebg preview

In addition, it will help to create unique designs. The designs of those fonts give them a more impressive and modern look than anyone else. Thus, if you have any places to use it, make sure you try this awesome font.

Font Name: Half Faded Font
Font Designer: Xero Grapher Fonts
License:Free for personal use!
Purchase: [email protected]
Type:Fancy Font, Eroded Font

Half Faded Font is available in a single regular style along with Truetype support. There are more than 100 characters in this style, along with 1000 units per em.

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However, you can only access these characters if you purchase their commercial version. Its demo version contains both uppercase and lowercase letters. Thus, it is easy to create simple or even single designs with that aid.

When you purchase its paid version, you can easily create covers, posters, emblems, game graphics, t-shirts, unique cards, game titles, and many other things.

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Note: These fonts are copyrighted and licensed by their authors. To check for their license agreements , check the download files. Furthermore, to check more details visit their private or public domains.

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