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Habana font is a geometric sans serif font which shows an awesome cool texture. The shape of the fonts’ strokes is thick and strikes in a beautiful way. This font comes with an array of exciting OpenType features that boosts user experience. For instance, it uses contextual alternates for including multiples characters for different versions that alternate with other nearby characters. This way, the user doesn’t have to enable any character’s ligatures manually if needed. So this feature is there to make our process (and the users) life easier!

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Habana font wants to break the boundaries of traditional sans serif fonts like Avenir, which is inspired by calligraphy. Miss Bonnie Clas has kept it like this so that Habana can work in any possible scenario as a heading font on top of headings, as a text font for paragraphs along with slab serifs, and as just one feature in a mixed typeface design.

Habana font

This typeface has everything you need to create something special. It comes in a regular style along with the TTF file format. And this single style has enough characters for creating small to medium tasks. And in bigger designs, you can use some other fonts with this typeface help.

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