GOTA Font Free Download

GOTA Font Free Download

GOTA font is a recently released free Google font. It was released in January 2020 and has since gained a lot of popularity among designers and typographers. In this article, we will give you an overview of the GOTA font including its features and how you can download it for free. We will also tell you how to use this font with your blog design to make it more appealing to your readers.

What is GOTA font?

GOTA is a free font created by the designer, H.J. Nickolai. It is available on Google fonts and can be used for both personal and business use.

To download the font you will have to head to the website where it is available and click on “Download” button. You can then select your desired font style (Regular, Italic or Bold) depending on your needs and click on “Download” button again to get started with downloading process of GOTA Font

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GOTA is a free font with many features. It comes in a variety of formats and sizes, including regular and bold. It also has international language support for European languages, Korean and Japanese writing systems, Hebrew script, Arabic script, Cyrillic script and Greek script. The font can be used on Windows computers as well as Macintosh computers.

GOTA Font Free Download
GOTA Font Free Download

The GOTA font family was designed by Thomas Pinault from the Fontsmith foundry in 2004. It uses an oblique roman style for each character set; however there are also italic styles available for some characters sets such as Latin-1 Supplement A or B or C with small caps included in the family design files (TTF or OTF). There are multiple styles available including ExtraLight which has less weight than light but not as thin as Thinweight


GOTA font is one of the most popular, unique and beautiful fonts. It is a stylish and modern font which will give your designs a fresh touch. The GOTA font can be used for various purposes like web design, graphic design, logo designing etc.

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Being a free font it is easily available on different websites such as MyFonts, Font Squirrel etc., so you can download it from there or simply copy-paste the code into your HTML editor to include this awesome looking font in your blog design.

This article details one of the best free fonts, GOTA Font free download and everything you need to know about this font.

As we all know, designing a website or designing any invoices and pamphlets is very important part of our lives. But if we do not have the right fonts for it, then our work will feel incomplete. And that is why GOTA Font free download is important for everyone.

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GOTA Font has been designed by Shawn Bueno and it comes with 2 different styles: Normal and Medium.

Normal Style – This style has some similarities with the Lucida Sans Unicode font (a sans serif font), which makes sense because both were designed by Michael Gills back in 2002-2003. As a result of this similarity, you can use GOTA font for any type of content such as websites or posters etc., since it will look great on them! However if you want something more unique than just regular old sans serif fonts then check out our article about these cool new free fonts for designers!


GOTA font is an amazing, unique and one of the best free fonts available. Hoping this article helps you in downloading GOTA Font and helps you to find all the necessary details about this amazing font.

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