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Gorillaz Font Free Download

Gorillaz Font Free Download

The Gorillaz Font is a handwritten font that has a unique appearance. Kasper “Coreper” van de Laar took charge of designing and releasing it for the first time on 9 December 2006.

Gorillaz Font does not exist as a physical font, as all of the graphic communication for Gorillaz is hand-drawn by Jamie Hewlett. The custom typefaces used in the logos, however, do exist in Roger Dean’s futuristic font family that was inspired by the pop art, album covers, and movie designs of the 1960s and 1970s and Donwood’s ‘falling into place’ handwriting. Both fonts are consistent with Hewlett’s ‘cartoonish’ illustration style, featuring sharp edges and strong shapes. Alphanumeric characters generally look to be drawn with a thick pen. Still, some lowercase letters have thinner strokes, such as the number one and lowercase ‘l,’ which is more accurate to how Hewlett draws in his sketchbooks, albums, artwork, and merchandise (and reflects the idea that it is ultimately written by hand). Letters in both fonts also appear to be slightly italicized, which reflects the vertical tilt of Hewlett’s freehand lettering.

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The font became the most downloaded one in just one year. That’s because the font has a dangerous look and unique script glyphs.

Every letter of this sweet font has been designed with a sense of uniqueness and passion, which is the main reason for its success. It is a reflection of the designer’s dedication to the project.

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If you have difficulty understanding the text, look at the font map images. This helps you to understand it more easily.

Only one regular version of this delicate quality font is available with Truetype features. In addition, that single style includes 70 characters.

Humorous designers in selecting font pairings for their designs always surprise audiences. So, if you are among them, you need to use them for your tasks.

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This font is one of the coolest in that it is entirely free for personal and commercial use. Thus, you won’t need to pay any single penny for utilizing it for commercial projects.

For example, banners, posters, brochure layouts, labelings, marketing, invitation, or business card designs can all be printed.

Note: These fonts are copyrighted and licensed by their authors. To check for their license agreements , check the download files. Furthermore, to check more details visit their private or public domains.

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