Gaegu Font Free Download

gaegu font free download

Gaegu Font is a unique hand-drawn font that has a nice, natural texture. JIKJI SOFT has designed this irregular font for the first time and released in 2018. It comes with three weights, including Light, Regular, and Bold. Each weight has 2594 glyphs along with 1000 units per em.

Gaegu Font is a fun take on the modern Korean and Latin languages. It’s based on handwriting, and each character uses connecting strokes to create unique movements and lines within the letters. With such a natural feel, it’s an interesting font to use in a logo or design that has any sort of hand-drawn aesthetic.

Gaegu font is a smooth, easy-to-read font with an artful touch. Whether you are going for a fancy calligraphy look or a simple and clean style, Gaegu Font’s elegance will suit your needs. You can use these fonts freely in your products & projects either personal or commercial.

Font Detail

Font Name:Gaegu Font
Heritage:Click here

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