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Enochian Font Free Download

Enochian Font Free Download

Enochian Font is mainly used for secret projects because it is a font family with dingbats. The Digital Type Foundry was responsible for designing and releasing the first version in 1992.

A simple font was created initially to display and transcribe the mysterious Enochian language, a language supposedly spoken by angels. Includes character sets for two of the four tablets part of the system, with regular, italic, bold, and bold-italic faces. It also consists of some glyphs in a separate OTF font file. Use these characters to create an Enochian language on your page!

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The Enochian Script is a beautiful but complex font, combining the intricate detail of its calligraphic tradition with the simplicity and perfection of geometric construction. Because it was designed to be written and read, it contains ‘shorthand’ versions of some characters to save time in writing long texts. Some characters are also joined together rather than being separate letters.

Script used by Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelley to communicate with spirits dates back to the 16th century, according to the Designer Note.

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“In the course of ceremonies that were conducted under the order of Queen Elizabeth the First .”This Font, therefore, has an excellent reputation in history.

Two styles of the Enochian Font Family are available. There is one style with Truetype support and 51 glyphs. Additionally, it supports OpenType features with 53 glyphs.

Both of these families only support uppercase and lowercase letters. Numerical and punctuation marks are disabled, as well as currency symbols.

Then you can use this elegant Font for some specific purposes. As an example, you can create logos, banner ads, stickers, tattoos, and unique emblems, among other things.

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We hope that this typeface will work well for you in meeting the needs of your clients and audience. Be sure to create a splendid design for your clients and audience.

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