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EL Sancho Font Free Download

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EL Sancho Font has an elegant texture and is an elegant western font. Font Monger designed and released this font.

Created late in the 16th century by Spanish scribes, EL Sancho Font was explicitly designed to withstand the passage of time. Elaborate Old World flourishes are hard to resist, yet these are restrained with serifs at their most minimal. With generous stroke widths and counters, EL Sancho offers a rich experience with subtle elegance.

The London Heist demos were created to demonstrate the flexibility of the upcoming PlayStation VR. This did not stop the creative team at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), however, from dreaming up new ways to use this fantastic experience. And so EL SANCHO font was born. A bold, strong, western-themed square font that also comes with an attached optional speech bubble shape for that extra cool factor.

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Aside from EL Sancho Rancho, there are two styles of EL Sancho Regular. Rancho style was released on 31st October 2016, and Regular style was released on 11th January 2017.

In both styles, the inside texture differs, whereas the outside surface is almost identical. The most complex projects can be created instantly without requiring additional font help with the help of both styles.

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The overall texture appears to be slab serif. However, the extra strokes in the middle of each letter make it stand out. This font belongs to the fancy style. Therefore, fancy designs can certainly be created with this font.

Font Details

Manufacturer:Font Monger
Commercial Licensehttp://www.fontmonger.com
Trademark notice:El Sancho is a trademark of Font Monger.
Designer Name:El Sancho Regular is a font by Font Monger, designed by Chris Vile in 2017.

EL Sancho Font has been designed with thick and bold strokes, making it ideal for more extensive text. Conversely, if you try to make use of its texture in a minor type, then it will mess up and ruin the design.

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There is a slight increase in width as compared to the standard size, as well as a similar change in height. Therefore, this creates an extra degree of creativity.

This super cool font can create book covers, product designs, product packaging, game graphics, printing on cards, t-shirts, and unique emblems.

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