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Cona Typeface Free Download

Cona Typeface Free Download transformed

The Cona typeface is a modern design that looks great in headlines and body text. It’s easy to read, but still has a unique style that makes it stand out from other fonts. If you want to use the Cona typeface for your next project, then this article will help get you started

Then click on the green button that says Download. You’ll be prompted to enter your email address and click on “Submit”.

You will be redirected to another page where you can download the font file for your computer or mobile device, depending on what you have. Click on “Download” (in green) and then save the file in a folder of your choice such as My Documents or Desktop.

Open up that folder and double-click on cona_TTF-Regular_v1_0ttf.zip (or whatever filename was downloaded), which should expand into a folder containing some files like README and license agreements inside it; these are just informational so feel free not to read them unless necessary!

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Lastly, open up Photoshop or other software program like FontBook where fonts can be installed and inspect whether Fonts… under Type tool options when selecting text elements from dropdown menus across all design applications that support OpenType features

Installing a font on your computer is easy.

  • Open the .zip file you downloaded from Fontself, which contains all of the files for the Cona typeface.
  • Double-click on one of them (we chose to install Cona), then click Yes when asked if you want to install it as a new font by clicking OK next to where it says Install at the bottom left corner of your screen; this will add it to your list of fonts so that you can use it whenever necessary!
  • Inspecting Your Typeface

It’s important to inspect the file you’ve downloaded. To do this, open your Downloads folder and find cona-typeface.ttf. Here’s what you should be looking for:

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Cona Typeface Font Family Free Download

Cona Typeface Free Download.
Cona Typeface Free Download.
  • File type: It should say “TTF” at the top left corner of your screen. This means it’s a TrueType font, which is the most common format for fonts on Macs and PCs alike. If you don’t see “TTF” in that spot, then double check its file extension (see below).
  • File size: You’ll want to make sure that it isn’t too big or too small—if either number is noticeably different from other fonts, then something might not be right with it!
  • File extension: Cona Typeface uses an .otf extension instead of an .ttf extension like most other TrueType fonts do; this may throw some people off if they aren’t used to seeing this kind of thing before! However if everything checks out so far then congratulations—you’ve got yourself one shiny new typeface!
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It’s an open source font, which means it’s free to use and modify. You don’t even have to credit the creator, Jonas Kessels, if you decide not to—but it is polite! The file will be saved in your Downloads folder as a ZIP file. 

Inside that ZIP is an SFN file—this is what FontLab Studio uses to import fonts into its workspace so we can inspect them and make changes if necessary.

If you want more control over how Cona behaves when used in your projects (and who wouldn’t?), then use this guide on how to inspect a font within FontLab Studio (or any other font editor). 

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If all goes well, then you should be able to add this new font into your arsenal of tools for designing logos or customizing web designs using CSS3 properties like text-rendering: optimizeLegibility; box-shadow; letter spacing…the list goes on!

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