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Coluna Font Free Download

Coluna Font Free Download

The Coluna Font is a basic sans serif font with a decent texture. Mr. Marco Ugolini was in charge of designing it and releasing it for the first time in 2014.

Coluna is a clean and modern serif font that evokes emotion in readers. Its smooth, generous curves enhance readability and make it a lovely candidate for headlines and brand logos. Coluna comes with 428 glyphs, including upper and lowercase characters, ligatures, punctuations, numbers, and multilingual support. For added versatility, it also comes with three versions – Regular (serif), Roman (sans serif), and Script – which can be used on their own or paired together to create stunning compositions.

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With an extra-large height and a smaller width, it has a bold texture. Therefore, it will complement both small and large designs. It also has a little less space between letters than the standard size.

This way, it gives off a fancy, stylish appearance, but it is, in fact, a sans serif font. Because of this, it can efficiently work elegantly along with other fonts in font pair matters.

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Whether you use it alone or in a pair depends on your preference. Nevertheless, I can assure you that it works perfectly in all kinds of conditions, including for display or printing.

Coluna Font is available in four weights, including Regular Sketch, Outline, and Rounded. In addition to having OpenType features, each weight has up to 200 characters.

We can therefore say that this elegant font will work professionally, like Numans Font and Heebo Font. All capital letters, all lowercase letters, marks, and numbers are present in it.

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As a result of its elegant, bold appearance, you can create covers, posters, headlines, newspapers, shopping bags, game graphics, printing on cards, product designs, product packaging, mugs, comic covers, among others.

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