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Celtic Knot Font

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One of the more intricate of all fonts is the Celtic knot font. The Celtic knot font is a class of insular art based on knotwork designs that can be used to decorate textiles, or carved in stone or wood. The name derives from its use in medieval Celtic illuminated manuscripts, and the same patterns are also found on the carved stone monuments of the Celts. In illuminated manuscripts, a common decorative device, along with interlacing animal forms, is the use of interwoven lines to fill spaces.

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Basically Celtic knot is a type of interlacing pattern which can be found in many Celtic artworks and in Celtic manuscripts. Celtic knots can be made in a wide variety of ways, with varying numbers of twists in the bands that make up the knot. There are also many different symbolic meanings associated with knots.

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If you are interested in downloading Celtic fonts, you can download it here for free by simply clicking on the download button. below.

This font is an excellent choice for instilling originality into your design projects and a great option for making invitations, cards, t-shirts, and any other creative things that need an interesting look.

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