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Cassia Font offers a dynamic appearance of an Egyptienne typeface. In 2011, the Hoftype font foundry took charge of designing it and making it available for the first time.

Cassia is a new font family based on a warm, familiar carving style from Mexican tradition. It’s a revival of a typeface cut in the 16th century by Spanish-born artist G√≥mez de la Potassa in Mexico City, without a single letter having a straight angle. Acuminado is the present-day version of this old style, created expressly for screen display to retain the rich character when carved into the wood. This face has features like small caps, ligatures, and alternate letters designed with contemporary font formats in mind to make Cassia suitable for body text at small sizes.

In creating its texture, the designer used a clean approach to make a professional font. Thus, it can work impetuosity with vitality in all designs.

Because of its lustrous appearance, it can handle large amounts of text well, even in the most petite sizes. This is an excellent feature of this elegant font. Several designers hope for an elegant font that works well with both long and short text.

Furthermore, this font can be used in conjunction with other sans serif and serif fonts. Several fonts can be paired with this font, such as Rubik Mono One Font and Hind Siliguri Font.

Its OTF file format is available for ten styles in the Cassia Font Family. Over 250 characters in each class, including small caps, great ligatures, currency symbols, and scientific numerals.

Font Details

Font Name:
Font Variation:Cassia Regular.ttf
License:KeyFonts for Windows v3.1. TM SoftKey Software Products, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Designer: Hoftype font

Also, this awesome font supports more than 40 languages, allowing it to be used across the globe. In this way, you can create designs that are of satisfactory quality and suit your needs.

The program allows you to create book covers, book paragraphs, unique emblems, game graphics, special event cards, unique emblems, website content, news headlines, newspapers, print on cards, product packaging, and much more.

Note: These fonts are copyrighted and licensed by their authors. To check for their license agreements , check the download files. Furthermore, to check more details visit their private or public domains.

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