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Cambay Font Free Download

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Cambay Font is a free Devanagri Sans Serif typeface.

This free typeface is designed to match the Latin Cantarell. Pooja Saxena is known as the primary designer who took the responsibility to create this typeface to give an outstanding look to the projects.

The type designer known as Cambay is based in Bangalore, India. It was last updated on October 03, 2017.
This wide-ranging font contains 486 defined characters, making it ideal for headlines. It also boasts 380 glyphs.

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The Cambay Font is available under an Open Source License, Version 1.1. This means that it is completely free to use for personal purposes only.
This high contrast font contains four famous styles for Windows, such as Cambay Regular, Cambay Regular Italic, Cambay Bold, and Cambay Bold Italic.

This robust font is available in both upright and oblique styles. The oblique style is slightly inclined for a more dynamic look, while still maintaining accurate optical corrections.
This free version of the font includes a full character set with uppercase and lowercase letters, punctuation, and numbers.

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 Cambay font

This typeface is available as a TrueType font. You can also download it in a ZIP file to your computer. It contains 403 defined characters for each style.
If you’re looking for similar Sans Serif typefaces, you might like Mulish Font by Cyreal or Manrope Font by Michael.


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