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The Brooklyn Font family consists of two different style options. Brittney Murphy, an American font designer, took on designing it for the first time in 2017 and released it via Brittney Murphy Design. It got tremendous success rapidly after it was removed due to the attractive glimpses it offered.

Brooklyn has a long and exciting typographic history. It’s not known how this typeface was developed, but we know that the first official recognition of Brooklyn as a font came in the late 1950s, when Brook Antique was manufactured by Scangraphic. Since then, fonts have been created for almost every major printing outfit, including Linotype, Monotype, and International Typeface Corporation.

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In the images, you can see that it is fastened here. There is too much cleanliness and clarity in the text forms in this typeface. A lot of care was taken by the designer of this stylish font to make all the glyphs and charts look excellent and legible. It is unique from others because of the sans serif typeface and the cursive corners.

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Brooklyn is a legible and versatile slab serif typeface featuring four styles. It was created in 2017 by Fonts.com. Brooklyn was designed to emulate the quintessential American typeface: Times New Roman. The purpose of Brooklyn is to provide a familiar design that compliments its typographic peers and segues into body copy effortlessly.

There are regular and bold versions of that elegant font. With this family, there are also great ligatures on every letter as well as a futuristic design. The designers working on the typeface will probably be revealed through a deeper analysis of this typeface.

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Among its attributes are a handsome titling capital, swash forms, and expansions of ornaments. An excellent tool for designing emblems, covers for cards, posters, movie titles, and many other things. Creating a logo or heading with Brooklyn font also makes sense.

Font Name: Brooklyn Font
Font Designer: Brittney Murphy
Type:Sans Serif
License:Free for personal use!
Purchase: For commercial use, purchase a license:

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