Brannboll Font Free Download

Brannboll Font Free Download

We are pleased to introduce Brannboll Font, a TrueType font family. The Swedish designer Mans Greback designed and released this font for the first time in 2015. Due to its harmonious appearance and easy-to-read texture, it is primarily used in fashion magazines.

Brannboll is a Swedish typeface designed by Fredrik Turèll. Borrowing its name from the colloquial word for “goal” in Swedish football, Brannboll is based on match day signage painted with a brush and intended to be quick to read from moving vehicles. The meeting applied design shows through in the regular version of the font, which comes in both text and display sizes. Historically, Brannboll was not type-set from the original sign painter’s models. Instead, these models were interpreted into print over time. This has resulted in an abundance of different variations for each glyph. To avoid repeating this process, Brannboll Text (2016) unites the most common variations behind a common baseline and x-height.

The Brannboll font family is an attractive, unique, and keen typeface with cursive strokes between and outside the letters. It is no doubt that this script font family is one of the best discoveries in the type designs industry. Various modern fonts were inspired by Brannboll.

Font Name:Brannboll Font
Font Designer: Mans Greback
Licence:Free for personal use.
Commercial Use:
Type:Script, Old School

It comes in two styles, Brannboll FS and Brannboll SS. Both of these styles are humanized to complement the digital text. Here are some text form images for you to get an idea of how the typeface will look on a design that you will use.

This elegant font family can be used for various design purposes. For example, when designing a clean logo, a brochure, an invitation, or a wedding. In addition to business cards, stationery, printing on fabric, and many other related approaches. It is also rational to use this typeface in watermarks on photographs.

Note: These fonts are copyrighted and licensed by their authors. To check for their license agreements , check the download files. Furthermore, to check more details visit their private or public domains.

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