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Braggadocio Font Free Download

Braggadocio Font scaled

I’m pleased to introduce the Braggadocio Font Family! This is a fantastic sans serif stencil font. While the Braggadocio font was designed around 1908 by the Dutch type foundry Freydis & Co, it wasn’t until 1950 that Deberny & Peignot bought the rights to distribute the Braggadocio typeface.

Even though Braggadocio is described as a slab serif, it has little serifs, more like semi-serifs. Deberny & Peignot also began distributing a bold version of the font called “Braggadocio Bold.” Linotype owned Deberny & Peignot and Freydis & Co. during the 1980s, so they started to distribute fonts as a result.

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He designed it after taking inspiration from Futura Black for Microsoft Corporation. Our goal in creating this typeface was to create a typeface that could be used on print and screen.

Therefore, that most relaxed font contains figures, currency signs, awesome ligatures, and punctuation marks. Consequently, it can easily be used in every field.

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Braggadocio is designed with a total concentration on every letter. The picture shows the dedication and experience of the designer behind it.

In addition to Thorowgood, Poster Bodoni, and Fat Face. All of these have perfect printing simulation, so it feels unique and stylish.

Braggadocio Font

Using Braggadocio, you can create exciting designs, covers, shop and store names, and logos.

In addition to branding and packaging projects, Braggadocio is also a perfect choice for text overlays on background images in Homeware Designs and Product Packaging projects.

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Magnificent ligatures and provocative numerals connect the letters in this font family. This is why this sans serif typeface is sweet, bold, and perfect.

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