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Bigelow Rules Font Free Download

Bigelow Rules Font Free Download

With its curly display font and sweet texture, Bigelow Rules Font is a curly display font. It was created by Mr. Brian J. Bonislawsky via Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute in 2012.

In the late 1800s, seaman George F. Pullen designed the first fonts that resembled modern italics. He and his colleagues became known as The Pirates because they were taking a type already in use and adapting it to their own needs. Bigelow Rules is based on these fonts.

Bigelow Rules is a warm and welcoming sans serif typeface, able to handle lengthy bodies of text with ease. The 21 strong family members provide a wide range of possibilities while minimizing the number of font styles to manage. A broad spectrum of weights and widths ranging from extra-light to extra-black makes possible thousands of permutations suitable for nearly every application.  

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For creating this, he has drawn inspiration from various things and advises everyone who imagines that. The Times Roman gets squeezed, marries Didone, and then gives birth to something with retro appeal.

There are some eclectic glyphs thrown in for fun, and they will bounce. And all of this comes together to form Bigelow Rules.

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That is, of course, a great tool you can use to come up with the perfect design for your needs. This elegant font has a remarkable ability to strengthen any structure, such as the Miso Font.

In the Bigelow Rules, there is only one style, but this style has 371 glyphs and 366 characters. Hence, it can be used for long tasks.

Types of fonts like this are commonly used in the printing industry. This is because of the high demand for stylish fonts in the printing industry.

Everybody would be able to create magnificent designs for movie posters, unique event cards, logos, stylish emblems, cosmetic printing, comic books, cartoon titles, and so on.

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