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Big Macca Font Free Download

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Big Macca font history describes the unique history of this font, from its birth in the 70s to becoming one of the most famous fonts of all time. This is a great example that shows how a simple idea had so many different outcomes over time while still making its way work most prominent designers in the world.

This font is characterized by its bold appearance and tech sci-fi features. Andrea Maccarini was responsible for designing it and releasing it for the first time during 2010.

All its textures have been created with thick and heavy strokes, which help to make it techno. In addition, he adds a unique cut from the outside to each letter, making it extra creative.

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In the places where curves occur in letters, designers avoid putting curves most of the time. A simple curve or a straight line is what he uses. Additionally, this is a unique effect.

The elements make it unique and great for special design projects when combined into one font family. If you wish to use it with other fonts, it works perfectly the same as Dream MMA Font and Jacksonville Jaguars Font.

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Character Set

Big Macca Font has only one traditional style, which is available in TTF format. With 68 characters and 1,000 units per em, this style has 68 different methods.

This will allow you to create miniature or single designs with 68 characters. However, you need to know that it’s a free version that the designer provides for personal use.

It is also available in a commercial version that you can get from Andrea Maccarini. This version includes all the letters necessary to create a good design.

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You can also create posters, covers, titles, emblems, product packaging, game graphics, and much more with this help. 

You now need to click on a single button below to download the Big Macca typeface. After that, feel free to use it for your personal use only. I wish you success!

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