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Batang Font Family Free Download

Batang Font Family Free Download.

If you are looking to download the Batang Font Family, you can go here. You can also find out more about it and what it’s used for in this article. The Batang typeface is one of the most popular fonts among South Koreans as well as North Americans.

 It is an open-source font that was developed by Naver Corporation – a search engine company in Korea with offices around the world. 

When I first came across this font, I knew instantly that it would become my favorite because its design aesthetic matched perfectly with my website’s theme and I wanted something unique to help me stand out from other bloggers with similar content on their blogs. So if you’re looking for free fonts, then check out some great options below!

Download Batang Font Family Free Download

This Open-Source font family is released under the SIL Open Font License, which means it can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

  • Batang Font Family is a free font family that has been designed for the open source community of the internet. It consists of five weights: Light, Regular, Bold and Black. The regular version supports most European languages as well as Cyrillic script whereas all other versions are limited only to Latin alphabet characters including some support for Greek and Russian alphabets too!

The font family consists of three fonts, which are named Batang, Batang Che and Batang CE. It is free for use in both personal and commercial projects.

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This is a geometric sans-serif typeface with sharp edges and straight lines. Its letters have a circular shape, which gives them an interesting look when used together or alone in a design project.

Like most fonts from this genre, it can be used to create website headers or social media posts that have an information-filled but also playful feel to them. This makes it perfect for both personal branding as well as any kind of business project that needs to convey professionalism while also being fun!

After finishing a few more projects, he decided to create a typeface that would be used specifically for writing Korean, and thus Batang was born in 1993.

Batang font family is a free font family that has been constructed by hand-drawing each character on paper then scanned into software where they were adjusted and cleaned up so that they could be used on screen or in print. 

It is considered one of the best free fonts available because it offers so much variety through its extensive character set including swashes, alternates, ligatures and pictographs.

The difference between Batang and Naver is that they are different alphabets. While Batang is a Latin alphabet, Naver is a Korean alphabet.

So, you’ve downloaded the Font Family and now you want to know how to use it in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Well, it’s easy!

  • Open Microsoft Word or LibreOffice (or your preferred word processor).
  • Go to File > Options and click on Advanced Options (if it isn’t already selected).
  • Click on Text Substitution/Automatic Formatting.
  • Select “Font Substitution: Automatic” from the dropdown menu under Font Substitution Options section on the left side of your screen (it’s located under “Formatting Options”). This option tells your computer how many fonts are installed on your computer so that it knows what fonts will work with certain applications like Word or LibreOffice Writer after applying text substitution rules specified by user defined custom style sheet(s) (*Note – If this doesn’t work for you then try enabling automatic formatting instead).
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Batang and Nanum are both font families that were created by two different companies, Google and Naver. Batang (바탕) is a Korean word meaning “base” or “foundation”, while Nanum (나눔) is a Korean word meaning “big” or “great”.

These two font families have many similarities and differences. The most important difference between them is how they are created: Batang was designed to be used in Latin-based languages such as English, Spanish, French, German etc., while Nanum was designed for use in Hangul-based languages such as Korean, Japanese etc.

  • Google Docs/Google Slides allows you to change fonts by using the formatting bar at the top of your document.
  • You can use the formatting bar to change the font, font size, and color of your text.
  • Click on “Download” button, located in the lower right-hand corner of your screen — this will start downloading the file to your computer immediately!
  • Once it finishes downloading, open up your Downloads folder and double click on Batang Font Family Zip File & Installer (this will open up the installer).
  • Follow the instructions that appear within these steps until you reach them: Typeface > License Agreements > Accept License Agreement (if applicable for use), Typeface > Preview & Install Fonts > Choose Folders Where To Install Them On Your Computer > Select Folder To Add New Fonts To And Press OK If You Want Them To Be Installed In A Specific Location; Typeface > Browse For More Titles From The Same Publisher Or Designer And Press Next On All Available Applications Once You Are Done With Selection Of Applications At Least Once Before Proceeding To Step 5., Typeface>Installing Application(s)Press Next Once You Have Selected All Installation Options For Each Application That Needs Installing Its Files Into Its Own Directory On Your Hard Drive.*Note: Only do this step if all applications need installing their own files into their own directories; otherwise ignore this step.*5) 
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  • When prompted with another message box stating “You Must Reboot Your Computer Before Proceeding” click Yes or Continue anyway if there is an option provided directly next to where it says “Yes”.6)
  •  Restart computer after reboot completes successfully without error messages appearing during restart process (make sure you were logged onto Windows user account before clicking ‘yes’ at previous step since explorer had been opened before opening this dialog box).

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