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Bariol Typeface Font Free Download

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Bariol is a geometric sans serif typeface inspired by the London Underground typography. It was designed by Atipo Foundry for use in signage, and then expanded into print, web and mobile application use with different weights and styles.

Bariol Typeface Font has won several awards including an A’Design award in 2013, the Spanish Design Biennial Award in 2013, and an Honorable Mention on Tipos Latinos 2014. In 2017 it also received the Certificate of Typographic Excellence at TDC New York 2017. 

The typeface has been used as a visual metaphor for “new” in campaigns for companies such as Apple and Google.

A typeface is a complete set of alphanumeric characters, punctuation marks and symbols. It can be used to display text on screen or in print. A typeface family is a group of typefaces based on the same design but with varying weights, widths, and other characteristics.

A font refers to one weight, style and size (or set of font files) that share a common design while each member of the family has its own unique characteristics.

  • The Bariol Typeface Font is a bold and stylish font that can be used for a wide range of projects.
  • It’s a great choice for logos and branding.
  • It’s also a great choice for headlines and advertisements.
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You might be wondering how this Bariol typeface font came to be. It was designed by the Swiss type designer Adrian Frutiger in 1975 as a display font for use in the signage of the Bariol travel agency. The Bariol Travel Agency was based out of Lausanne, Switzerland and specialized in luxury travel packages for wealthy clients.

Bariol Typeface Font Free Download

The Bariol typeface font family has a lot of unique and interesting features that make it one of the best monospace fonts you can use for modern design.

  • It is an elegant, versatile font family made for magazines, newspapers, advertising and other print media. This is why some people call it the “Bariol Magazine Font.” However, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be used on your website or social media content (you are free to do so).
  • The Bariol family contains 7 weights: Lightest (“Light”), Regular (“Regular”), Medium (“Medium”), Bold (“Bold”), Blackout (“Blackout”) and two extra weights called Thin Thin and Thin Extra: Thin Thin lightens the stroke weight while retaining the same contrast as regular Bariol; Thin Extra lightens up even more by reducing stroke contrast even further than Thin Thins but with less contrast than regular Bariol.
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Bariol Typeface Font Free Download
Bariol Typeface Font Free Download


  • The Bariol Typeface Font is free.
  • It’s a good choice if you want to write in a modern style without spending money on your font.


  • The Bariol Typeface Font doesn’t come with kerning, ligatures or alternative characters. Any of these features would be nice additions to the font but they don’t seem like they will ever be added by its creator.

Recommendation: The Bariol Typeface Font is worth downloading if you are looking for something new and interesting or like the idea of using a free font in your designs, but if those things don’t matter too much to you then there are better fonts out there for sale (with more features) that may work better for what you need them for.

You can use this font for the following things:

  • Designing a logo, poster, or magazine cover
  • Creating a website for your business or organization
  • Making an infographic for your school project

Bariol Typeface Font is a free font and you can download it by clicking on the download link provided here. You will require Adobe Air or Kuler Browser to install this font.

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You can also download it from our website but for that, you will have to register yourself as a member, which is totally free of cost.

The Bariol typeface font (also known as Bariol) is a modern sans-serif typeface. It was created by Tobias Frere-Jones and released through Font Bureau on January 20, 1999. The family includes three weights: light, book and medium.

The Bariol typeface font is based on the principles of the Swiss Style of typography developed by Max Miedinger in the 1950s at Haas Type Foundry in Switzerland. The letterforms have a geometric appearance but still maintain some warmth thanks to their rounded shapes and curved terminals.

Some fonts are better for large text, others for small. Some fonts look good on screens and others on print. Some fonts look good in headlines and others in paragraphs. So, you should choose the right font for your needs (e.g., if you need a font to use in a presentation, then pick one that looks good on-screen) and then test it out before committing to it!

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