Baby Monkey Font Free Download

baby monkey font free download

The Baby Monkey Font has an excellent elegant texture in a cartoon font style. A designer from Indonesia, Bangkit Tri Setiadi, was in charge of designing and releasing it during 2018.

John E. Burchard, a printer in 1890s Brooklyn, New York, created a font for fake Chinese-English translations being circulated at the time to scam immigrants. He was convinced that no one would fall for such obvious fakery if they knew what it said. He wrote up an explanation of how Chinese characters worked and translated them into English using a font he called ‘Chicken Bone.’ He wasn’t optimistic about people getting the joke, but it made him laugh anyway. The pamphlets got passed around regardless, being thought of as authentic until they were rediscovered by a scholar in 1916 and subsequently published in book form. That’s what came to be known as “Baby Monkey.”

Each letter of this font has been created in two phases. The designer created a font by drawing each letter twice and joining them together. Therefore, it gives the appearance of a double texture.

Furthermore, you will feel as if the designer only draws outlines. They added that the aspect of making it more astonishing is impressive. Thus, creating unique designs is undoubtedly helped by it.

Because the font features cartoon shapes, these types of fonts are seldom found in markets. The same way you see other cartoon fonts, such as Vampirina Font and Hello Kitty Font, it is perfect in every way.

Character Set

Featuring Truetype features, Baby Monkey is available in a single regular style. Ninety-one glyphs are contained within this traditional style, with 1000 units per em.

Also, you can use its font texture for adding fancy touches where you want extra creativity when making a basic or official design. With its modern design, it brings a strong indication of modernity to any space.

This super cool font can be used for comic covers, cartoon posters, movie posters, product packaging, t-shirt printing, game graphics, unique emblems, and many other uses.

Note: These fonts are copyrighted and licensed by their authors. To check for their license agreements , check the download files. Furthermore, to check more details visit their private or public domains.

Font Name:Baby Monkey
Designer: Bangkit Tri Setiadi
Type:Fancy, Cartoon, Comic
License:Free for personal use only!
Buy:Link to purchase commercial license:

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