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You are invited to explore the AR Cena Font Family, a family of handwritten fonts. In 2005, it was released for the first time by Arphic Technology Co. The AR Cena font family was created to deliver the right notes of forthrightness, credibility, and charm.

I decided to make this post for people who want to know about the original fonts used in the ar cena logo. These fonts are straightforward to find on the internet because AVALANCHE in Japan is the famous band in 90’s rock in Japan. Rock lovers are still in love with this band.

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A brush font family with several types of styles is available, as well as numerals and lining figures. Moreover, the manner is very appealing in the modern world. Some interesting characters are also included in this typeface, including some inkling letters and icons.

I’m your host, A.R.Cena, and I’m here to tell you about an excellent font for your next project. How many times have you come to this blog? How many different fonts have I used? I think this font is better, though.

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Despite its traditional style and 218 characters, the AR Cena Font Family has several types. The font lends a personal touch to correspondence by making it look balanced and harmonious. In the process of selecting a suitable font pairing, it is one of the essential elements. Choosing this font family for designing is the best idea.

ezgif.com gif maker 90 removebg preview
ezgif.com gif maker 90 removebg preview

It can also be used for printing certificates and can also be used for printing in the fabric industries. This family of fonts is ideal for business cards, title design, logo design, greeting cards, and many more uses. Making it useful for operating systems or software or game development would also be a good idea.

Font Name: AR Cena Font
Font Designer: Arphic Technology Co.
Type:Sans Serif, Brush
License:Free for personal use!
AR CENA by [c] Copyright 2005, Arphic Technology Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Note: These fonts are copyrighted and licensed by their authors. To check for their license agreements , check the download files. Furthermore, to check more details visit their private or public domains.

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