Anurati Font Free Download

Anurati Font Free Download

We want to introduce you to another display font family, the Anurati Font family. Anura was designed by Emmeran Richard, a French designer. I was responsible for its creation and its first release via Behance on 15 February 2016. Anyone can use it for free to fulfill their design needs.

My blackletter font was made in under 24 hours straight. I do not have any blackletter roots, but I loved that type of lettering so much I wanted to give it a shot. Anura comes from ‘anima’ (without a soul) and ‘ratio’ (reason). “Anurati is a font created out of pure geometry, coming from simple primary forms. It has no serifs, and its contrasts are low. Thanks to the high x-height, this font can be both headlines and paragraphs.

Because of its comprehensive language support and super cool features, that font is perfect for big design projects. If you have a basic understanding of calligraphy, you will accept the dedication, experimentation, and experience of the designer working on it.

Font Name: Anurati Font
Font Designer: Emmeran Richard
Type:Display, Sans Serif
License:Free for personal use.
Commercial Use.Contact the designer for commercial use.

The font comes only in the traditional style, having an OpenType file format. In this long tradition of type design, this futuristic font is so simple, attractive, and has a modern type design style. This typeface is unique from all other typefaces because of the sans serif corners and the half-cut letters.

You can use this elegant font to design a logo, wedding cards, invitations, or business cards, as well as book covers, posters, banners, movie title designs, as well as many other related approaches. Additionally, watermarks on photographs can also be created with it.

Note: These fonts are copyrighted and licensed by their authors. To check for their license agreements , check the download files. Furthermore, to check more details visit their private or public domains.

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