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It uses Amity Jack font as the font in their poster title logo for Jaws. For the first time it has been designed and released, AJ Paglia has the rights. It consists of a single regular style.

The poster for the 1975 horror film “Jaws” shows a giant shark eating people, and the police are told to kill the shark as soon as possible.

The Jaws font or Amity Jack Font (and family) became famous via its use in the movie poster for “Jaws,” released in 1975. Designer Roger Kastel was commissioned to produce the movie poster, but he became dissatisfied with his designs. He showed sketches of the shark’s head to his wife, Elaine, who, to his surprise, suggested he use her hand-lettering as a guide. The completed design used six versions of the lettering (three versions for the upper jaw and three for the lower jaw). The designer adjusted and cleaned up Elaine’s lettering and then sent the new artwork to Steven’s film director.

Amity jack font
Font Name: Amity Jack
Font Designer: AJ Paglia
License:Free for personal use!
Type:Fancy, Retro

There are uppercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks & special characters in this retro fancy typeface. You can preview the character maps here to see how they look like.

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A good choice if you need to design a headline or a title. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have lowercase letters. The glyphs are perfectly aligned and follow a uniform baseline arrangement in-text.

Royalty-free, this retro fancy font family looks great. With a vast array of languages supported and intriguing glyphs, the Jaws logo font makes a great pair.

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For a headline, textual typeface, Amaranth, Sary Soft, and Carosello would be excellent choices. You can use them for free in commercial applications.

This font can be used anywhere you want for general design text purposes. You create logos, banners, business cards, wedding invitation cards, labels, banners, tags, etc.

Printing it over fabric stuff or developing a game or website template text will also be a rational approach. There is Amity Jack or Jaws for you, and it is our pleasure to provide it for you.

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Note: These fonts are copyrighted and licensed by their authors. To check for their license agreements , check the download files. Furthermore, to check more details visit their private or public domains.

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