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If you are looking for a font that combines the rigor of classical roman letterforms with a modern touch, look no further than Albertus MT font. Designed by Berthold Wolpe and first released in 1932, Albertus MT is a humanistic sans serif typeface that has become one of the most popular fonts available today. 

The name Albertus derives from Albertus Magnus, an important philosopher and theologian from the 13th century; Wolpe felt that his design typified the strong, subtle qualities he saw in Albertus Magnus’ writing. 

Not only did this versatile font stand out amidst other humanist sans serif types at the time of its initial release (also known as “grotesque” fonts), but it also became an instant classic thanks to its clean appearance and wide variety of available weights. 

In addition to serving as a standard text face for newspapers and magazines around the world, this typeface has been used on posters for movies such as Where Eagles Dare and The Italian Job, as well as album covers by artists like Madonna and David Bowie. 

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We’ll show you how to download Albertus MT font below (hint: it’s free!), but first let’s take a closer look at this beautiful typeface.

Albertus MT Font Family Free Download

A font is a set of letters, numbers, or symbols that are used to create text. Fonts are used in design to create graphics and in print, web design, video design and more. FONTS ARE EVERYWHERE!

There are many different kinds of fonts but to simplify things for this article we will focus on two types: Serif (or old style) and sans serif (or modern).

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Albertus MT Font is a typeface that was designed by Albert-Jan Pool in 1996. This font has been widely used and appreciated by many designers around the world because it has so many great features, making it an ideal choice for designing projects. Let’s look at some of these features:

  • Beautiful: Albertus MT Font is a beautiful typeface with elegant curves and modern lines that make it suitable for any design project you need to create. Whether you’re working on a website or creating advertisements or posters, this beautiful typeface can be used as the primary text on your design piece to add elegance and class to your work product.
  • Flexibility: You can use this font in both capital letters and lowercase letters (small caps) to create visually appealing results for your designing needs. The flexibility of this typeface makes it easy for anyone who wants their designs to stand out from others’ work products without having too much difficulty finding what they need when trying out new ideas during their creative process on any given project!
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This font is available for:

  • Commercial Use
  • Personal Use
  • Web Use
  • Web Embedding
  • Ebook Cover
  • Ebook Embedding
  • Website Embedding
  • Video Embedding
  • App Embedding
  • App Cover (only for apps that are not an App Store app)

Albertus MT font is a beautiful typeface for all your designing projects. It’s been around for years and has been used by many designers around the world. Albertus is a revival of an old classic font, which was popularized during the Renaissance period. It is characterized by its elegant curves and square serifs that make up its overall design.

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The best part about this font is that it comes in three styles: regular, italic and bold so you can pick whichever one suits your needs best!

I hope that this article helped you to download Albertus MT font for your projects. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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