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Rajdhani Font Free Download

Rajdhani Font Free Download

This primary sans serif typeface is available in five styles, including Light, Medium, Regular, Semibold & Bold. In 2014, Satya Rajpurohit and Jyotish Sonowal designed it for the first time and released it via Indian Type Foundry. Initially, Rajdhani Font was designed using Devanagari components together only. However, Shiva Nalleperumal later developed a Latin font.

Rajdhani is a sans-serif font inspired by the font used by Indian Railways for their signage in trains, stations, and platforms. It is an uninterrupted, shade-less grotesque typeface, meaning that many of its characters share the same width. The center strokes remain in proportion to the other strokes in that they neither stretch nor condense at any point. This gives the typeface a charming structured feeling. Rajdhani can be used to create headlines, posters, logotypes, signage, and even books. The consistent width helps make it suitable for setting paragraph text too.

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This clean font family combines a keen eye for readability and text display. Designers took great care to deliver the best appearance and texture across the font family. Please take a look here at the character mapping before you use the Rajdhani font. It will give you an idea of what your text will look like.

 The font is called Rajdhani. It is a workhorse sans serif type family designed by Derek Vogler and Thomyan Karkhanis in 2015. The importance of the Font lies in its great context-specific mannerisms, calligraphic style and glyphs, unique set of weights and widths, small caps, and much more… OpenType layout tables allow for a lot of automatic alternates to be rendered automatically depending on their shape. It supports many languages using these alternates, smartly placed in the matrices to be subtly activated.

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One thousand one hundred glyphs and 1,000 units per em make this font family unique. Aside from that, it contains 460 characters in its TrueType format. This font family has a great potential to be used in a wide range of design criteria due to its super cool features.

You can use this awesome font to create posters, titles, logos, wedding invitations, and business cards, photography, watermarks, special events, as well as in the printing industry. Also, that typeface is the best for use in advertising, where there are long text passages.

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