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Baloo Font Free Download

Baloo Font Free Download

The Bola Font is one of the most popular sans serif fonts these days. It was designed by EK Type, an Indian font designing company. 2017 was the first time it was released after I took on the task of developing it. A subtle tinge of liveliness and all the bare essentials of type make it a distinctive substantial spurless design.

Baloo is a highly legible serif font. Baloo consists of 1194 glyphs with extensive language support via OpenType, including Western, Central European, and South-East European character sets. Baloo was designed with a large x-height, short descenders, and compact letter-spacing, making it highly legible even at small sizes. It’s highly readable and highly compatible.

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An affable font that can be used for both single and multi-script applications. The characters have been carefully crafted with time and concentration. The text arrangement is unique and one of a kind. You should be able to see this in the images since it improves the typeface’s perfection.

Baloo is a font designed for screen and print use with a consistent and compact feel. It came in eight weights and was designed to work well in long and short texts of different styles ranging from static to dynamic. Baloo has an OpenType character set with manually edited kerning pairs for better spacing and inter-character relationship on the whole.

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The remarkable font family is available in ten Indian scripts alongside Latin counterparts. It’s Unicode-compatible and open-source. The font supports 165 international languages and has 1408 unique glyphs. Due to these features, this display font is different from all other font families that have yet been introduced.

It is perfect for official uses, such as logo design, poster layout, movie title, official cards designs, printing on fabrics, brochure layouts, banner ads, greeting cards, and birthday cards. Making it useful for the development of video games or website templates would also be a great idea.

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